These might be the two biggest pulls on Loupe

Longtime Loupe users know that we’ve fallen into a cadence over here on the blog. Right around the first of every month, we highlight the previous month’s biggest hits. Don’t worry, that’s still coming in a week’s time.

But, we need to shine a bright spotlight on some preposterous luck that user JaxLeo stumbled upon. Seriously, he ended up finding the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow, and it was sitting in a field of four-leaf clovers and a pile of horseshoes. It’s the sort of hot streak everyone in the hobby dreams about. Let’s recap.

Justin Herbert National Treasures RPA

Last Friday night, JaxLeo went in for a box of Panini National Treasures FOTL in Heat Check’s room. It was a killer box, full of printing plates, low-numbered Chase Young Cards, and a one-of-one Joey Bosa Nike patch — oh my! The crown jewel was waiting at the bottom: A Justin Herbert FOTL-exclusive Stars and Stripes RPA. Marvel at its magnificence.

It’s a brilliant card, the sort of pull most collectors spend their whole life dreaming about. It’s already safely in JaxLeo’s hands too. Heat Check Mike flew cross-country a couple days later to hand-deliver it. No one’s dropping this in the mail and hoping for the best. Here’s a photo from the meetup:

As for JaxLeo’s plans for the card, Herbert is probably getting moved. Whether by private auction or a place like eBay, the Herbert market is just so hot now. Also, he hasn’t ruled out a sale to a private buyer, so get in touch if you’re interested. We’d love to make that Loupe connection.

Tua Tagovailoa National Treasures One-of-One

Oh, you thought the story ended there? Silly you.

On Tuesday night — that’s right, a mere four days later, JaxLeo went back for more. Shooters keep shooting. In RyDollaRips’ room, he bought another box of National Treasures. The heater stayed alive as a mediocre box turned into a great box with the last card. A Dolphins logo Tua Tagovailoa one-of-one RPA.

Tua’s probably a hold for JaxLeo. It feels like there’s some potential to be realized there. His value is probably going up if he’s named the starter out of camp or if the Dolphins are frisky next year. There’s a lot of ceiling left, and Tua can keep rising.

That’s the story of how two of Loupe’s biggest hits came from the same guy and only a few days apart. It’s fairytale stuff if you’re a collector. As they say: scared money don’t make money, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, etc. Shooters keep shooting.

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