A letter from the CEO

They say time flies when you’re having fun. They don’t tell you that half a year disappears when you’re busy working on something you’re really passionate about.

Today is April 9, and we’re quickly approaching Loupe’s 6-month anniversary. We’ve made incredible progress. We’ve outpaced our most optimistic growth projections, and we’ve broken our own records time and time again. As CEO, those are things I’m extremely proud of.

However, as a card collector, I’m more proud of the way the hobby’s community has rallied around Loupe. The support from you all has been incredible. It’s overwhelming, really. I was always driven to prove that this crazy idea could work. Now I’m driven to bring smiles to a bunch of good people and helping sports card sellers reach new heights in their business. An app dedicated to breaking is cool; a room full of people joking around and cheering one another on is special. I didn’t expect how powerful that would be when I started Loupe.

Our whole team is committed to making Loupe better by the day. In the near-term, Android just launched and scheduled streams will be implemented soon. With scheduling, you’ll be able to see which sellers are streaming that night, sign up for their stream, and then receive a push notification when they go live. We’ve also identified why streams sometimes suffer a drop in video quality. An update went out this week and we’re already noticing a difference.

With that, we’re wrapping up Phase 1 of our roadmap and transitioning into Phase 2 sometime in early May. Think of Phase 1 as the base features that an app like this would be expected to have. Think of Phase 2 as the stuff that makes Loupe a must-have app for all collectors. We’ll share more about Phase 2 a little down the line, but it’s exciting. We’re growing so fast that sometimes we have to step back and remind ourselves that we haven’t even been doing this for half a year. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.

Huge things are on the way. We promise. One thing that we can share is that we’re expanding the seller program. Our vision is that you can open Loupe at any time of the day and find someone who’s ready to break. It’s time-consuming to vet sellers and make sure they live up to our safe and trusted standard, but we’ll get there.

From the bottom of my heart, the whole Loupe team greatly appreciates your support as we navigate through the nascent stage of our company’s life. Keep sending your feedback and ideas to support@loupetheapp.com. We love to hear your thoughts. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Instagram, and share the app with your friends. With your help, we’ll take #LoupeToTheMoon.

Eric “Zilla” Doty
Loupe CEO

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  1. Loupe has been a great addition and option in enjoying the hobby! Looking forward to watching this continue to grow and break ceilings on what can be done in this hobby.

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