Update 1.0.17 released!

Big news — A big update released this morning. Loupe version 1.0.17 launched, so make sure you download it before hopping into today’s streams!

Update 1.0.17 is mostly focused on making life easier for sellers, but there’s one buyer-side change that’s very important. Here’s what’s in the new update:

Update 1.0.17 notes (January 13):

  • Sale Items list is now grouped together by sport/category (Now it’ll be a lot easier to find the product you’re looking for!)
  • Ability to filter out sold items
  • Increased max stream length from 4 hours to 6 hours (marathon streams, baby!)
  • Changed “No Category” symbol to not look like an error (Whoops!)
  • Info provided in Profile on how to apply to sell on Loupe

While we’re here, let’s run down all of 2021’s updates thus far.

Update 1.0.16 notes (January 5):

  • Fixed bug where some new Loupe users would not be asked to enter a username

Update 1.0.15 notes (January 2):

  • Sellers can hide and unhide items in Sales Items list
  • Supports item categories in Sale Item list for faster listing and easier viewing
  • Video is now locked in place and does not shift up when keyboard is displayed
  • Fixed issue where first time users would not see username prompt
  • Fixed issue where sellers couldn’t scan in tracking info for some orders

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