Welcome to Loupe! (Start Here)

Welcome to Loupe! (pronounced like ‘loop’)

First time users: If you’ve literally never heard of Loupe before downloading this app, the tl;dr is that we’ll send out push notifications when sellers go live to sell their sports cards. We’re working on more first time user-friendly content to be available in the near future.

What is Loupe?
We set out with the goal to make buying sports cards easier and more fun than ever before. What you’ve downloaded today allows sellers to easily set up a live stream and sell personal breaks and single cards. Stream latency is extremely low (<100ms) which means hosts can respond immediately after you type your message in chat.

Who is Loupe for?
If you currently sell cards through live video on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch, then Loupe has something for you. Also, if you’re a collector looking to buy cards or want to watch new product breaks, Loupe should definitely be installed on your phone so you have an opportunity to buy from the best.

What’s next?
There are many features on the way including team breaks, randomization, collector profiles, and some tech-enabled collection tools we’re not quite ready to talk about. Our goal is to offer something for every collector. Since it’s the most asked question, yes, we want to bring Loupe to Android with other supported payment systems as soon as we can.

Anything else I should know?
Sure! We don’t want to make a long introduction post when you could be watching streams and buying cards, so here are some useful links for you. We hope you enjoy your time with Loupe and make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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